Monday, October 17, 2011

See? Patience is a Virtue

I knew that if I just let this blog post simmer for another 24 hours something good would happen! And now you actually get to read something more interesting than, "So it's Sunday, I did homework and studied for midterms."

Come on! How boring is that? There aren't even any acronyms or anything. Snoresville (or should I say Schnoor in honor of the Larry Schnoor Invitational this weekend? Congrats to all, by the way. Super proud of my Gusties!)  So instead of boring you to tears telling you about how I'm going to compare and contrast Minoan and Mycenaean architecture and sculpture, I decided to just hold off for a bit and hope that something spectacular would happen in the mean time.

And whatdoya know, it did. So yippee!

So remember last Thursday when Erica and I went to that concert of Kozmic Blues with that guy playing the guitar and the girl who was amazing? Yeah, remember that? Ok great, because we came back late that night and basically scoured the internet for them. Luckily, they have a myspace page ( and we listen to it ALL the time (just like you should) and found a way that we could purchase a CD (or two).  But the tricky part is that there isn't just a "buy itunes CD here" button.  So through various channels, we finally found an email address that said "contact us here to buy CDs!" Erica and I are thinking, ok, sold.

The next morning I pull up that email address and write a nice little note about how we had seen them at the Ombre Rosse and would love to purchase/download CDs. Later that day, Daniele (he's the guitarist) wrote back saying that they only have hard copies of the CD but he would love to mail one to us. Great! Take a poll of the room-grand total? 8 CDs.

Needless to say, Daniele thought we were super fans and wrote back today that not only would he take off a little bit because we're so dedicated, but he would also like to invite us to their next performance!  AH! So fantastic! It's a different group, Daniele and Gina and two more, singing gospel instead of blues, but it's going to be so awesome! So I'm thinking that we may or may not be considered groupies now. File that one under things I don't mind.

Seriously. That was what made my day.  Other than that, we've been studying, cramming, and otherwise indulging in cupcakes. You only need be mostly jealous of my life. I'll let you know how those 3 midterms on the same day go. Woof.

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