Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Earliest post in the history of mankind

I've had approximately two revelations today.

1) Sometimes it's worth it to be late to class because I'm actually living in Italy.
           All too often I find myself lapsing into my usual walking pace which is very quick (yes, even we short people can walk quickly) and I'm passing all kinds of characters. From the guy sweeping the sidewalk outside his store, to the woman making bracelets by Piazza Santa Maria. And sometimes it just hits me that, "Hey, I live here. This is Italy. I live in Italy." And that's a really big realization for a Wednesday morning.
           Your conclusion: Sometimes it's ok to stick around and drink your espresso at the counter.

2) They actually require us to do work here.
           This revelation has been in progress for the past two days and includes the fact that out of my 5 classes, 3 of them will have midterms on Wednesday the 19th. Here's another fun fact, I only have 3 classes on Wednesday the 19th. From approximately 10:30am to 6:30pm (or 10:30-18:30) I will be taking tests. That's two weeks from today. As for the other two classes, I'm not even sure they are having midterms. Secondarily, in route to those exams, I have at least one paper due, and should start working on two more. What fun is that? None. I'd rather just go to the Amalfi coast this weekend and ponder art and culture and eat pizza instead of writing papers about things like the ancient Greek version of portraiture, or the body/mind problem for Descartes, or the captives in the Accademia (the afore mentioned things could all be projects for the next two weeks of my life. Go ahead and guess the classes).
            Your conclusion: Sometimes they expect learning to happen inside the classroom. Then they want you to apply it a paper.

So I think I'm going to go make some dinner (WHAT? I'm posting before dinner? Strange day indeed), attempt to do some reading/writing/research, and then go to bed and pretend that I didn't finish off that jar of Nutella.


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