Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Dullsville

Not that Monday was actually that boring... Other than my half closed eyes in Gaga...  but it happens.

The most eventful part of my day was for sure when I got left in the Vatican. How? Well I'll get to that.

So my Digipho class had intended to go to a photography exhibit.  The funny part is that the museum doesn't open until 4. So instead, we're going to go take pictures at St. Peter's. Ok great.  Pack up, head out to the most prominent cathedral in the world. And basically walked around people watching...  Pretty good time right? So about an hour and half later, I noticed that I couldn't find anyone from my class. Not that it's all that surprising.... I mean, there are probably close to a thousand people within the Colonnades. So I looked around for a while, and by the time the clock said 12:30 I decided that I'd better just go back. But on the way I decided to buy beautiful postcards because they were the cheapest I'd seen. Some of you can now be expecting postcards. Once I get stamps...  So maybe a little bit yet... And low and behold, my class was all back in the room, talking about some stuff that I didn't know, and I awkwardly walked in late. Woof. But the good news is that I was safely in the arms of St. Peter, and I got to people watch for about 2 hours.

Off to lunch with Kate, print off an abstract, go to class, stay mostly awake. Work in the library, stay mostly awake, write postcards, go to class, stay mostly awake. Note: I think it would be easier to say awake in class if my professors taught with the lights on. I mean, I understand when we are looking at slides or powerpoints, but that isn't always the case... and it's just dark. It's practically a nap endorsement. Not good.

Back to the apartment, planning on going to bed early (that could be a really funny joke tomorrow).

See? Mondays have got nothing on Saturdays between 6 and 7. What a shame.

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