Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Water-skpades

So in other news, Rome floods.

But seriously, we're talking the cracks between the cobblestones can no longer keep your feet dry, in fact, the cobblestones are now under water completely. And this is all from one little bitty baby thunderstorm last night. As in for the first time, maybe ever, I woke up because of a storm.  Then I thought to myself, "it's a thunderstorm in Rome!" and curled up in a little ball and went back to sleep. However thanks to that extra large thunderclap a a brief spurt of hail, I was at least semi conscious for the next hour ish. But in my semi-conscious state I had a wonderful spontaneous dream reunion with Kaitlin. As magical as it was, it is only a tiny fraction of how blissful our real reunion will be. And that's a fact.

So eventually I got up, and due to Erica's persistence, I watched a video that she took of our bathroom this morning. For those of you following along, our bathroom has been a source of semi-constant irritation for those of us living here. And today's mishap involved both the shower drain and the toilet water gurgling. Not just like a swish-swish gurgle, like a full on volcanically ominous cauldron a la toilet. So that was fun.

And as far as adventures to class, we had the surprise of noticing the street-sized puddles as well as the nice little mudbanks that had formed by all crosswalks over night. How? I'm placing money that Charles has something to do with this, but I don't want to assume too much. So half puddle leaping (that's different than puddle jumping which involves landing in the puddles, puddle leaping has the distinct goal of trying to avoid the puddles), half mud skating, I made it all the way to class. Exciting no? Welcome to Rome-soggy edition. It's very different from the frozen version that MN usually offers, but you know, hydration in any form.

And now I'm patiently wading (punny) for my parents to smoke signal me when they get to their apartment. (I suppose I should say something like, "Oh yeah, my parents are coming to visit me for the week!" but I figured you all would figure it out soon enough. You're clever people.) But I'm afraid that the smoke signal technology is a little short circuited with the whole wet Rome thing. So we'll see how that goes. Other than that it's a regularly planned Thursday! And that means blues with the roomies tonight should the weather cooperate. Here's to hoping!

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