Thursday, October 6, 2011

Melting Harmonicas

It's Thursday!

You know what Thursdays mean? Hmm? Well do you? They mean live music!!

That's right, we went back to the same place we were last Thursday and it was all blues tonight. We're talking a sweet keyboardist, a guy on the guitar who looks like the security guard on the Tiber campus (who looks like Joe from the Princess Diaries for those of you who don't know the security guard on the Tiber campus), a drummer, and (here's the kicker) a singer/harmonica player. Yup. I went there. I said harmonica.

And since it was all blues, it was not only in English, it was all soul. We're talking the kind of twist-that-knife-one-more-time kind of soul that makes you want to dance and let your body melt into a puddle on the floor all at the same time. I'm not sure how many other types of music demand that kind of dichotomous reaction from the listener. But let me tell you, that blues harmonica (there were actually several harmonicas in use throughout the hour and a half production, but we'll lump them together for clarity) just pulls at the center of your chest and won't let go. Talk about an emotional roller coaster.

The biggest let down of the night was that Pretty Boy and Wolverine were not present. Fact: They need to be in every band that performs on Thursday nights. This extreme disappointment was only mildly diminished by the fact that I got to wear my new leather jacket! YAY! It's finally cool enough in the evenings to make it a plausible mode of dress.  I'm thrilled, but I do miss Pretty Boy. He was so pretty.

And I think for the moment, that's a wrap. For other wrapping posts, see Tuesday's.
"...hey remember that time..." "Yup, sure do remember that..."

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